Green Coffee Bean Max

Though people have sworn for ages that drinking coffee in the morning is good for you, most would never have guessed that the unroasted coffee bean was worth anything. After all, unroasted coffee beans have none of the distinct, pleasant aromatics and flavors that come from a roasted coffee bean. They have a green, vegetable odor. They are bitter, and if you try to brew a drink with them, likely to make you gag. They’re in every way unpalatable. However, recent research has found that green coffee beans can be processed to produce a concentrated extract that’s full of compounds that help promote energy, alertness, well being, and weight loss.

What the studies have shown:

While standard coffee beans are usually roasted at temperatures near 475 degrees for several minutes to impart a distinct flavor, this process eliminates 90% of a chemical compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which helps promote fat-burning, and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Various studies – including one presented at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego – indicate that taking a dose of green coffee bean extract helps individuals lose weight. In fact, in one study, individuals taking green coffee bean extract saw a loss of 10% in body mass over a period of 22 weeks, without any significant changes in their lifestyle. This is a remarkable finding, and understandably, it set off interest in green coffee extract (by both the public and by academics). Ongoing studies to assess the connection between green coffee extract and weight loss are presently under way.

Green Coffee Bean Benefits:

It is believed that the extract from green coffee beans impacts the human body by helping to inhibit the absorption of fats throughout the human body, and also appears to stimulate increased metabolism of lipids (fats) by the liver. In combination, these effects lead to surefire weight loss. In addition, the Chlorogenic Acid found in green coffee beans is a powerful antioxidant, which ahs been shown to inhibit the release of glucose into the blood, especially after meals. This is another excellent way to help lose weight. Other effects include somewhat increased production of body heat, which helps to burn calories through a process called thermogenesis, whereby chemical energy (stored in the form of fats) is converted into thermal energy. Plus, the anti-oxidant qualities from green coffee bean extract are believed to help inhibit the formation of new fat cells within the body, meaning that more fat from food intake is eliminated from the body between meals, or utilized immediately.

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Is it all natural?

Unlike many other diet and weight loss products, green coffee bean max does not use any unnatural or potentially harmful inactive ingredients. Every capsule contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid by concentration, which is obtained from the same kinds of coffee beans that usually find their way into your Starbucks cup. In addition, each capsule of green coffee bean max has been packed with additional nutritional supplements that help ensure that you reduce your urges to snack and overeat, and that help you make the most of the energy boosting properties that Green Coffee Bean Max has to offer.

Green Coffee Bean Max – the Product:

Green Coffee Bean Max’s popularity is partially in response to publicity that has been showered on ‘super foods’ by television personality Dr. Oz Mehmet, who rose to fame by publicizing medical information and personal health tips on the famous Oprah Winfrey Show. Today, he has his own television show, and recently he has devoted a significant amount of time to super foods that help improve health, and even aid with weight loss. As pointed out by dietitians guest Lindsay Duncan, green coffee bean extract does not aid in reducing the appetite like some diet aid pills do, but it does help aid in efficient and effective weight loss, which makes it an enticing proposition for many that struggle with their body image. Additionally, the product has very few risks. Barring an allergy to the ingredients, there are few (if any) negative health consequences that you can have from taking green coffee bean extract supplements.

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Eat right and exercise for maximum results:

When combined with a sensible diet as well as exercise, you can really enhance the effects that Green Coffee Bean Max will have on your diet. Diet and exercise greatly amplify the effects of green coffee bean extract, thanks to the way in which Chlorogenic Acid interacts with lipid particles in the body and blood stream. In addition to helping eliminate fats from food that you eat quicker, engaging in exercise after taking Green Coffee Bean Max helps ensure that your body begins to dip into its fat ‘reserves’ in order to generate energy. In addition to using this energy to move your muscles, a large amount of energy stored in fat will also be vented from the body in the form of ‘waste heat’ that is generated during exercise.

Bonuses and specials:

In addition to providing you with a great stepping stone for weight loss, Green Coffee Bean Max also comes with a variety of other perks. First, Green Coffee Bean Max comes with a free e-book that details weight loss tips that are generally overlooked by most doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, and others that would usually help you try to lose weight. These tips are designed to be effective, but not intrusive, so that you are mostly able to continue with your present lifestyle, though you may need to make small behavioral tweaks. Also, when you purchase Green Coffee Bean Max, you’re entitled to a free relaxation hypnotherapy MP3, which is a surefire way to chill out after a long day.

Where to buy Green Coffee Bean?

Of course, the best benefits that comes with Green Coffee Bean Max is free membership in an online fitness program, which focuses on using results-based methods to help you loose weight. This program gives you access to workout advice, fitness planning and tracking tools, general wellness tips, dieting tips, sample menu plans for healthy meals, and more. This program helps you keep yourself accountable to your goals, and increases your chances of success by helping you to visualize your goals at every step of the weight loss process.

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